What is skin cyst surgery?


Skin cyst surgery is excision biopsy of the cyst, excision means removal of the cyst while biopsy means that a tissue sample of the cyst is tested to check if it is cancerous.


A total excision is an invasive procedure which removes the entire cyst and its contents, minimising any risk of the cyst returning.


Inflamed and infected cysts are usually first treated with antibiotics, or are drained. These methods treat the inflamed cyst, however, the cyst wall is left behind. It usually refills with time. Once the inflammation settles, your surgeon will perform complete removal to prevent the cyst from causing symptoms again.

Why undergo skin cyst surgery?


A sebaceous cyst usually does not disappear by itself, and surgery is the only way to remove it. Skin cyst surgery is the most effective option to treat cysts, for both medical and cosmetic reasons. It has the lowest rate of recurrence. Other methods such as drainage of the cyst often results in the cyst wall being left behind and it will refill again.


What to expect?


Before the procedure.

  • Fast as instructed by your doctor.

During the procedure

  • You will be placed under local anaesthesia to numb your skin.
  • Your surgeon will make a tiny cut in the skin and squeeze the cyst out.
  • The resulting scar is usually small and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Six to seven stitches will be in place.
  • A bandaged is used to cover the wound.
  • The operation is usually completed within 30 minutes.

After the procedure

  • You may be able to go home on the day of the procedure.
  • Pain is minimal and can be controlled with painkillers if you wish.
  • Change your dressing daily.
  • You may shower with your dressing on or without your dressing.
  • Eat a diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables and other light foods.
  • Avoid spicy food.
  • Cut out alcohol.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor within 1 to 2 weeks time.


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A skin cyst may sometimes be confused with a skin lipoma, if you are unsure you may contact us directly via WHATSAPP or call our CLINIC


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