What Foods Should I Eat Following Colorectal Cancer Surgery?

What Foods Should I Eat Following Colorectal Cancer Surgery?

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As one of the most common cancers in the world, colorectal cancer often requires a surgical approach. If you’re considering colon cancer surgery in Singapore, it’s natural to wonder about logistics, including what you can eat afterwards. As colon cancer treatment in Singapore varies, you may find that what you can and can’t eat will depend on the nature of your condition.

What is colorectal cancer and which surgeries are appropriate?

As the name suggests, colorectal cancer is cancer that affects anywhere in your colon, through to your rectum. It can range from being a condition that affects a small portion of your bowel to one that has a significant impact.

Therefore, the type of colorectal cancer operation in Singapore that’s most appropriate for your case is likely to vary too. But, you might find it useful to gain insights into what’s available:

  • An open colectomy, which involves a surgeon removing a small portion of your bowel
  • A laparoscopic colectomy, where the surgeon uses keyhole surgery to achieve the same aim
  • An anterior resection, which can involve removing a significant proportion of the bowel

Some of these surgeries may result in stomas, which are small portions of your bowel that the surgeon brings outside of the body. They do this so that you can defecate into a stoma bag automatically, rather than through your rectum. Additionally, they may also remove nearby lymph nodes. However, it’s often the presence of a stoma that determines what you eat after.

What foods can I eat after colorectal cancer surgery?

After your colorectal cancer surgery in Singapore, the foods you eat will depend on the symptoms you’re experiencing. Your digestive system will spend time adjusting to the sudden departure of a piece of your bowel, or the appearance of a stoma.

If you are constipated

Consider eating foods that ease the problem, such as apricots, beans, and spinach.

If you have diarrhoea

Eat foods that ease it, including marshmallows, eggs, and jelly.

If you have a stoma

You’ll have a lot of contact with a stoma nurse who will provide advice. However, many patients find that eating marshmallows or jelly babies makes their bag less active.

Other tips

If you want to avoid lots of visits to the toilet during the night, consider having your main meal at lunchtime. Additionally, to take control of the problem, keep a food diary and note which foods make life difficult following your colorectal cancer treatment in Singapore.

When should I seek professional advice on colon cancer surgery in Singapore?

Whether you’re about to start colon cancer treatment in Singapore or you’re worrying about your diet, you can come to us with your questions. Having additional guidance may make it easier for you to adjust, allowing you to lead a healthy lifestyle again.