What Is Laparoscopic Gastric Banding?

The gastric band is done using the laparoscopic or keyhole technique. This simply involves placing a band, within an inflatable balloon on the inside of it, around the upper portion of the stomach. The band will then restrict the amount of food you can eat. Tightening of the band will be done progressively over many months and is both adjustable and reversible.

Why Laparoscopic Gastric Banding?

The band is easy to insert and the operative complications are very minimal. It works well in motivated
patients who are able to comply with dietary plans and regular exercise.

What to expect?

Before the procedure

  • A gastroscopy is done to ensure the stomach does not have any disease.
  • A full medical mark-up including an ultrasound of the liver and gallbladder is done.
  • Fasting is required 8 hours prior to your procedure.
  • All regular medications will be stopped unless absolutely necessary under a doctor’s supervision.
  • Be prepared to have an average hospital stay following the procedure in between 2-3 days.

On the day of the procedure

  • The procedure is done via the laparoscopic technique with 5 small wounds on the abdominal wall.
  • Although this procedure is reversible, the band is meant to be implanted permanently. Most patients
    who have the band removed find that they regain their weight.
  • Your doctor will advise you on the procedural details.

After the procedure

  • You will be allowed to drink fluids and eat within the next 24 hours. However, allow your appetite to
    guide you. Fluid diet is required for the first week.
  • If you experience nausea, stay with clear liquids until it resolves.
  • Resume your normal diet after about a week and after the first review with your doctor.
  • The amount of food consumed will be small and has to be taken slowly.
  • Your doctor will advise on the type of food to be consumed, and encourage you to embark on an
    exercise regime after a month.

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