Bariatric Surgery Singapore

Bariatric Surgery in Singapore

According to the latest National Population Health Survey in Singapore, 36.2 per cent of Singaporeans between ages 18 and 69 are overweight and 8.7 per cent are obese. It is not safe for them to remain overweight and obese for a prolonged period of time as it puts them at severe risk of health illnesses.


We recommend opting for bariatric surgery in Singapore, which is a weight loss procedure that help you to lose excess weight – it is not advisable to ignore the severity of your obesity at the cost of your health.


Types of Bariatric Surgery

Gastric sleeve is one of the four common types of bariatric surgery, and our doctor and a team of health professionals will be able to advise you which surgery is recommended for your condition and the cost of our procedures in Singapore. You can contact us here.

  • Gastric sleeve – removes a portion of the stomach to permanently reduce its size
  • Gastric bypass – creates a small pouch from the stomach that bypasses portions of the digestive tract to the small intestine
  • Gastric banding – inserts a silicone band around the upper end of the stomach to reduce its size
  • Gastric balloon – implants a soft balloon in the stomach to partially fill it and create the feeling of fullness


Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Singapore

The cost of each bariatric surgery we perform in Singapore will differ across the type of procedure and the condition of your health. As it is important to ensure that your body is fit for surgery, we have to conduct several pre-surgery tests to ascertain which procedure will be well-suited for you and what you need to do before we perform the operation. We typically advise on the cost of bariatric surgery after a consultation with our doctor in Singapore.