Is Surgery the Only Option for Treating Gallstones?

Is Surgery the Only Option for Treating Gallstones?

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If you’re looking into gallstone removal in Singapore, you may wonder whether there’s another approach you can take to treating gallstones. Around 1-4% of people in the Western world will develop gallstones, yet not everyone shows symptoms. Whether or not you’re showing symptoms and how they affect your life will determine which gallstones treatment in Singapore is right for you.

Definition of gallstones

Your gallbladder is like a home for bile, which is an enzyme that helps digest food. Most importantly, it’ll help your digestive system break down fatty acids, allowing them to move through your gut wall and perform essential functions throughout your body. Your gallbladder doesn’t, however, produce bile. That’s the liver’s job.

Gallstones usually form when cholesterols come together to create them. In many cases, they’ll remain in your gallbladder without causing significant symptoms. In some, particularly those that involve them blocking the bile duct that allows bile to move into your intestinal system, they can produce considerable amounts of pain, conditions such as acute pancreatitis, and signs such as jaundice.

Ways to treat gallstones

There are lots of gallstones treatments in Singapore, and the one your doctor chooses will depend on how you present to them. For example, if you’re experiencing minimal pain or you’re

asymptomatic, and someone found the gallstones by accident through an unrelated diagnostic procedure, they may:

Suggest watchful waiting, which means they’ll see how you manage gallstones at home with few if any, medical interventions.

  • Provide you with pain relief to manage your symptoms.
  • If you develop an infection, you might receive IV antibiotics in a hospital.

Your doctor might also suggest that you make lifestyle changes. For example, they could ask you to create a food diary that notes when you encounter symptoms and request that you eliminate trigger foods.

When do you need gallstones surgery?

If the above doesn’t work, you may need gallstones removal surgery in Singapore. If your gallstones cause you to encounter a severe condition called acute pancreatitis, you may require emergency surgery.

Otherwise, if your symptoms are becoming too difficult to manage at home and you feel as though they’re affecting your day-to-day life, you can request elective gallstones removal surgery in Singapore. Such operations often involve a laparoscopic approach, so in most cases, you can return home the same day.

Seeking professional advice

Whether you’re new to your diagnosis and exploring gallstones treatments in Singapore or you’re a veteran to the condition, seeking professional advice can work to your advantage. Those who are experts in gallstones and the benefits of surgery will direct you towards a solution that best matches your lifestyle and how the condition is affecting you.

If you would like a professional opinion on whether gallstones removal surgery in Singapore is right for you, you can contact us.