What Is the Process for Patients Looking to Be Treated by Dr Ganesh in a Different Hospital?  

All patients need to do is call in to make an appointment to see a doctor, and we will attempt to make the necessary arrangements. Our team will inform you if Dr Ganesh Ramalingam can operate at the hospital you have requested.

Will Consultation Still Be at Mount Elizabeth Novena?

Consultations and subsequent follow-ups will still be held at Mount Elizabeth Novena, where G&L Surgical is located. Dr Ganesh Ramalingam will first see the patient at the clinic, and if they opt to be treated at a different hospital, we will need to check if he is authorised to practise there.

What Are the Hospitals That Dr Ganesh Can Operate At? 

The hospitals that Dr Ganesh Ramalingam is authorised to practise at are:

  • Mount Elizabeth Novena
  • Mount Elizabeth Orchard Hospital
  • Gleneagles Hospital
  • Parkway East Hospital
  • Mount Alvernia Hospital
  • Farrer Park Hospital
  • Thomson Medical Centre
  • Novena Surgery Centre
  • Aptus Surgery Centre

Will My Insurance Still Be Able to Cover My Healthcare at a Different Hospital?

Medical insurance coverage will differ depending on the patient’s medical insurance and their company’s medical insurance (if employed). For a complete breakdown of the coverage one can expect for the necessary treatment or investigations, patients are advised to approach our staff at the clinic for further assistance.

What Are the Benefits for You and Your Patients With This Option of Being Treated in a Different Hospital?

Costs for specific procedures or investigations may vary at different hospitals or medical centres, so patients looking to save on medical fees may opt to stay at another hospital.

Are There Any Downsides to Opting to Be Treated in a Hospital Other Than Mount Elizabeth Novena?

No, there are no immediate downsides to any hospital that Dr Ganesh Ramalingam can practice in, such as longer waiting times for an appointment. The only difference is that G&L Surgical Clinic is based only at Mount Elizabeth Novena, so it helps if patients want to have the treatment or procedure performed within proximity of the clinic.


For a rough estimation of how much your hospital fees and charges may amount to with Mount Elizabeth Novena, you can visit this hospital bill estimator