Hemorrhoids (Piles)


What are Haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids are commonly known as piles. They are abnormally engorged and swollen blood vessels in the anus and lower rectum, causing discomfort, itchiness or pain. They can swell up with blood clots (thrombosed piles) causing severe pain. The more dangerous complication of piles is bleeding.

Why an Anorectal surgery for Haemorrhoids?

Bleeding, pain and itch and may affect a persons lifestyle. Surgery to remove excessive tissue causing the bleeding and protrusion is called hemorrhoidectomy. Many people are too embarrassed to see the doctor until the pain and discomfort becomes unbearable, or when there is bleeding. These conditions can be cured at an early stage before it worsens.

What to expect?

Before the procedure

? Stop any prescription of aspirin or other blood thinning medications with a doctors advice.
? All regular medications will be stopped unless absolutely necessary under a doctors supervision.
? Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours before your surgery.
? You may need a colonoscopy to ensure there are no other problems with your colon before the piles surgery.

On the day of the procedure

? This procedure is usually a day surgery. However, you may decide to stay in the hospital for a day or two.
? There are many methods to treat the piles surgically.
? Your surgeon will advise you on the specific details.

After the procedure

? Resume your normal diet when you are fully awake from surgery.
? Increase your fibre intake and drink lots of water. Avoid foods that will cause constipation/diarrhoea.