CEO Message


First and foremost, on behalf of Dr Ganesh Ramalingam and our amazing team at G&L Surgical, I have to thank God for the opportunity to have a platform where we can help many people and in the process positively touch their lives. We started on our journey as G&L Surgical, we strongly believed in the ethos of putting the patient above everything else and looking at every individual holistically. We also envisioned to broaden our reach to as many people in our community who need aid. With this in mind we dedicated time and effort in building up a team that can provide our G&L patients with the quality care and education that they all deserve.

Understanding each other is our primary goal and from there we further expand on Dr Ganesh’s vision of influencing each and every patient’s diet and lifestyle for a holistic management of all conditions that are presented to us. This concept is practiced not only on individual patients that we are blessed to have come through G&L Surgical clinic but also in our outreach programs.

In order to achieve these lofty goals, Dr Ganesh attends many local and overseas conferences to bring the latest medical concepts in disease treatment and surgical techniques to benefit our patients. Our staff are also sent for regular talks and courses to upgrade themselves to serve you better.

All said and done, we are definitely not resting on our laurels and are constantly striving to improve our care and services!

The most important avenue for this is your positive reinforcement of how we can serve you better!

We at G&L Surgical want to improve yours and the community’s health with an individualized and all-round approach. We want to touch people’s lives in a way that can change their perspectives in a very positive light!